Document Uploads

Assessment Archive

Submit zipped files of student work each semester as directed by the Assessment Coordinator. Please watch the following videos for guidance on downloading your student work from Blackboard and uploading it to the DWR Assessment Archive.

Remember to sign in with your account to access the assessment archive.

Access the Assessment Archive


Watch these videos to learn how to upload your student writing for departmental assessment.

Other Uploads

WRIT 102 Assessment Project

Use the form below to upload WRIT 102 Synthesis assignment descriptions. Please clearly describe each file in the description field when uploading.

Writing Centers

After each OWC appointment, consultants should upload the Word document with comments to the shared Box folder. Files should be renamed: date (year month day), underscore, last name of consultant, underscore, last name of student.

Example: 20180827_Johnson_Gomez.docx